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Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

3 Jn 2:2

bioindividual wellness ​solutions are our ​main offering

Our approach to optimal wellness is a plan unique to your ​needs, your story & your vision. We come alongside you in ​your journey to educate, train & equip you to be your own ​best advocate of you and your family’s health so that you ​can fulfill the call on your life.

We take a root cause approach by aiming to restore ​function to the body by (1) stimulating its God-given ​ability to heal through natural means and by (2) ​identifying it what it needs (& providing solutions to meet ​those needs) so that we can get out of its way to do what it ​was made to do best--thrive!

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We provide functional health Consultations, personalized testing options, educational resources and tools that address your mind, body, and spirit because we were intelligently & intricately knitted together from the beginning.

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Our Services

Bioresonance Testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Functional Bloodwork Review

*Special discounts available for those in full-time ministry and present/past service in the military.

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Feedback from

Our Clients

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it wasn’t all “in my head”

We had been going to a Naturopathic doctor and felt like he couldn’t offer us much more…felt like we had reached the end of his care. The most valuable part was the insight the testing brought. And how Miriah walked me through it. Knowing that some of what I was thinking/feeling was not just “in my head.” I know that any time I have questions or want another scan done, I can reach out and be helped.

- LH

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I wanted to send you news of my continued progress. I’ve gotta say WOW!!! Who knew you could feel so good and I’m not even all of the way there yet!

- DM

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All that to say I have thought I understood what was healthy and thought

that I should be so healthy or at least deeply healing as a result of

how I was eating/living, but I was getting worse after giving birth

and it was so confusing to me. So I am very open to learning new

things and am diving in...and it's going to continue to be a learning curve ...I appreciate Miriah’s perspective of

slow healing and the journey to long term's helping me to take

some deep breaths and settle in for a longer journey in my healing.

- AW

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Are you a health professional looking to add functional health testing to your services?